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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Are you tuned into the right frequency?

My heart's a stereo
it beats for you so listen close,
hear my thoughts in every note.
Make me your radio
and turn me up when you feel low
this melody was meant for you
just sing along to my stereo.

Adam Levine sang to a lovely tune and some awesome lyrics in this song but maybe it hinted at something much more profound. This goes back to a conversation I had few months back. The hour was late into the night. The partner in crime - my batch mate from XLRI. What could have been a casual chit chat turned out to be quite a pot boiler with loads of mental sparring and moments where one would go 'Aha!'. 

Do you belong to the generation which had to manually adjust the dials of a radio set to reach a particular frequency? Even if you don't, you might remember checking the frequencies on your smartphones, car stereo or MP3 player to listen to your favorite songs. You may not have realized it but that was a physical and surreal depiction of how our lives pan out to be. 

Our lives are akin to a radio transistor. We spend huge amounts of time trying to find that elusive frequency which would play the happy tunes in the most clear fashion possible. Yet, the frequency evades us, most of the times. Usually, it's the great static noise which greets us every time we try. Isn't the static which we hear very similar to the disturbances which we face in our actual lives? Mental, emotional, physical or spiritual disturbances which hinder our progress and take us off our paths.

Surprisingly, it should be brought to notice that most of the times the static is not even from an external source. Frequently, it is our own thoughts which causes the most static disturbance. This static arises from an unwell, disturbed and gloomy mind. The reasons for such a frame of mind can be numerous and can stem from external sources.

We tend to forget that any factor arising from the environment external to us cannot be controlled by us in any manner. What we can control is our thoughts and our bodies.

Most of the times, we just let the static hang in there. When we should actually be changing our frequencies and tuning to a newer and happier frequency, we get stuck up in the old noises. Sometimes, you can do nothing for the external factors, you can just forgive yourself and keep moving on. This is precisely where my batch mate said something, which will stick in my mind for a long time and which I always believed in, subconsciously:

"clean conscience is indeed the softest pillow."

As long as you strive to keep your conscience clean, no amount of noises or disturbances could ever distract you. 

So, are you currently facing distractions of some sort? Something in your present or from your past diverting your attention? Are you stuck up in a frequency?
What are you waiting for, just get up, move the dial and change the frequency. Change something in your life, your lifestyle, habits, place, address, circle of friends, hobbies, places, cities or even your complete personality. 

Who knows, that elusive frequency playing your favorite song might just be a kilo/mega Hertz away.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

3 surprising truths about body odor

“Life’s like brown sugar sprinkled on shit. Sure it tastes great, if you don’t mind the smell.” 

Indeed, smell does affect our sense of taste/flavor whenever we eat something. A pleasant smelling object/source in your vicinity would greatly enhance the overall richness of your sensory experience whereas an unpleasant would completely ruin it for you. Well, the list of unpleasant odor sources are plenty but the ones which originate from humans cause the most awkward and tough situations.

Talking about odors reminds me of these beautiful lines penned by Javed Akhtar,

"Khushboo si hai jaise hawa mein tairti,
Khushboo jo beawaaz hai,
Jiska pata tumko bhi hai,
Jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai,
duniya se bhi chupta nahi,
ye jaane kaisa raaz hai."

Yes, the one secret which you cannot hide from everyone and is omnipresent and an instant repulsion - body odor. The BlogAdda SniffSniff activity was conducted at the Four Seasons Hotel to tackle this very issue. It was a lovely get together of bloggers who braved the rains to make if for this event (I arrived at the venue with a completely soaked shirt and a mind soaked with my eagerness). 

The event began with a session of personal grooming, personality shaping and the process to tackling body odor. The discussion was led by Mr. Animesh Gupta, positive conditioning coach at LimitlessEQ. Read up more about him here. The discussion focused on the following aspects:
  • causes of bad body odor
  • self awareness about body odor (accepting its presence/absence)
  • personal grooming
  • tips to avoid body odor
  • confronting people with body odor in a positive manner
The session was fun filled with activities, introspection and loads of interaction. Through discussions we got a lot of myths and misnomers about body odor out of our minds. I personally got to learn quite a lot and came out of this session with three key take aways:
  • The first step to banning body odor is accepting the fact that your body odor is bad, whether it is a one-off incident or a prolonged stint of odor.
  • Most of the techniques of personal grooming which is in use presently, does not ensure a complete removal of body odor.
  • All of us have been applying deo spray in the morning right after we take our bath, which is completely wrong. The best time to apply deo is in the night, just before going to bed. Read this article to know more about this phenomenon.
The session was followed by the surprise which we had all been waiting for. Right there in front of all of us came Arjun Rampal, model turned Bollywood actor, who's the current brand ambassador for Nivea Men. Even though the presence of females in the crowd was minimal, all the hearts in the room skipped a beat to see this fine man, exuding youth, possessing an impressive personality and immense stage presence. He spoke about his trysts with body odor and how he had to tackle this issue on a daily basis with a few of his female co-stars. Body odor does not spare anyone and one has to proactively take conscious steps to eliminate it. He even went on to say that he would actually thank the person who would go up to him and point out that he's having body odor. 

After the one-on-one with Arjun Rampal, we had the opportunity to witness the product launch of Nivea Deodorizer for Men.

I am presently using the product and following the regime of applying the deodorizer before going to bed. I must admit the results have been quite satisfactory. I would definitely recommend this product to all those school, college, office goers traveling by auto, bus, local trains and braving the agonizing traffic as well as the Indian subcontinental climate.

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea

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Monday, June 8, 2015

PingPay - the era of transacting socially

jesus christ,quotes,faith,hope,motivation
Ask to receive

Maybe, a word which rings loud in the corridors of management and marketing. Maybe, a word which introduces possibilities, probabilities and unsure thoughts. Maybe, just maybe. 

Well, maybe might start to lose its sheen in some time, if things start moving in the social circuit. Consider these scenarios:

Your best friend in college wants to get photocopies done of the notes for that upcoming exam but his account shows no balance. He simply pings you to send money and within 2 minutes he has taken out cash from account and paid to the photocopy guy. How?

Your mother has run out of talktime balance in her cellphone. She can't go out to recharge her phone so simply tells you to recharge her mobile quickly. Within minutes she is already on the phone talking to her mother in the village. How?

Your local newspaper vendor has come to collect money for the bill. However, you don't have cash with you. However, the bill gets paid in minutes without the use of any cards or borrowings. How?

It's your birthday and you decided to treat your best pals in a five star hotel. However, what you didn't expect was footing a huge bill and you don't have that much balance in your account. In a few minutes, your father has solved the problem in the comforts of his home. How?

Well, you must be wondering that all of this is just a prank like the ones on TV and that I'm simply fooling around with you. However, these are actual scenarios which come up in our day-to-day lives. The only difference was that we did not have a quick fix solution, up until now. The answer to these questions has been brought forward to us by none other than Axis Bank.

Introducing to you,  PingPay, a unique multi-social payment solution to enable customers, specially the youth and smart phone users, to transfer money and mobile recharge, person-to-person, including to non-Axis Bank account holders, using social and messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Phone Contact lists.

Take a look at the features of this app:
  • PingPay is the only banking social payment application which allows users to share digital content like text, images, audio and video, while sending/asking for money/mobile recharge.
  • An innovative gesture based mobile app designed to provide customers with a delightful user experience while enabling money transfers and mobile recharge with utmost convenience.
This app is meant for all those netizens and techies out there. However, the icing on the cake and the feature which wins hands down are a couple actually:
  • The hugely interactive user interface
  • The highly customized manner of asking/giving money with the help of personalized messages, videos, audios and images.
Take a look

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So, what are you waiting for? This app is only for Axis Bank Customers, so it's time to spread the message and the word and help your near ones become a part of the Axis Bank family and enjoy the whacky way of sending/receiving money.

PingPay on Google Play Store

PingPay on Apple iStore

This post is about 'Digital Axis' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with BlogAdda.com

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